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Stop employee turnover in its tracks.

Our non-anonymous survey platform connects you to what matters by gathering critical data from your new employees, existing employees and those that have been terminated or left – so you can act with meaning to build organizational stability.
  • Reduce turnover
  • Build thriving teams & culture
  • Lower turnover & hiring costs

Our customers have seen


Survey participation rates


Employee engagement


Reduction in turnover

We are the survey platform that pays for itself.

How it Works


Up and running in no time.icon clock


Connect when it matters.

Get critical feedback when it counts

New Employees (Surveyed: 2 weeks, 45 days, 75 days, 6 months)
Support new employees in real-time to drive down 90-day turnover.

Existing Employees (Surveyed: Every 6 months based on hire date)
Gauge the satisfaction and engagement of individual employees and your workforce as a whole.

Resignations & Terminations (Surveyed: 2 weeks post-employment)
Identify true reasons for leaving so you can minimize future turnover.

Multiple survey delivery methods leading to 80%+ completion rates.

We conduct all surveys via email, text, mobile app and phone calls, letting employees choose what’s easiest for them.


Know instantly when concerns arise.

Since our surveys are non-anonymous, we alert you through real-time notifications whenever any employee is struggling or has questions or concerns, so you can immediately reach out and help them.

Use our dashboard to easily digest the large volume of data gathered.

Powerful and intuitive. Comprehensive and specific. Insightful like none other.

Easily zoom out to see the health of your entire workforce, or zoom in to view and compare different departments, sites and service lines. Or zoom in even further to see who said what.

Mine real-time insights all year long.

Gain insight on individuals or groups that have a higher risk of leaving, so you can address those risks before they decide to leave.

Drive meaningful results by investing only an hour a week.

Access our extensive nationwide peer data from the senior care industry to see how your results stack up.


Lead with foresight and mitigate risk.

Our platform includes AI-driven predictive modeling you won’t find anywhere else, based on your organization’s data and millions of survey data points. This gives you the power to pinpoint vulnerabilities and prevent undesirable outcomes.

Up and running in no time.

We make onboarding easy, provide upfront training and ongoing support. Our dedicated customer success team will help you set a baseline, define goals and develop a plan to get there. The best part is it only takes a couple hours of your time, and we do the rest.

About our company

What Our Clients Say

United Church Homes, MI, OH

“WeCare Connect allows me to clearly see what is going on across all of our communities, and makes it easy to share information with our leadership team and board of directors. In addition, WeCare Connect has the most user-friendly system I've used and their support team is incredibly responsive.”
Scott Slutz, VP of HR

Blakeford, TN

“The WeCare Connect program has been a huge success for our organization. It is effective, easy to use, and provides immediate feedback. We receive feedback from staff – that we otherwise would never have known – and are able to follow up within a day or two to help resolve their concerns. WeCare Connect has helped our turnover quite a bit! We retained employees – that we would have lost – thanks to WeCare Connect!”
Allison Griffith, COO

Tabitha, NE

“WeCare Connect has absolutely saved Tabitha money in the long run, there's no doubt about that. Especially new hire turnover going from almost 25% to under 12% in that first 90 days has been critical. We know the investment that goes into a new employee in those first 90 days, simply saving that many employees through improving our onboarding process has saved us a ton of money.”
Katie Lechner, COO

Oak Hammock, FL

“WeCare Connect has been great. We have gotten great feedback from employees, and they have been brutally honest which is fantastic! We have been taking information from notifications and have been speaking to managers, and have been able to rectify some situations that I think has turned out great. It is all things that we wouldn't have known if we didn't have this going on. A number of employees have said they have not received the proper training which has been a real eye-opener. We feel like we have been providing proper training, but this is a real positive to realize that we need to do more in that area.”
Kelly George, HR Director