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LifeSpire of Virginia

A Case Study

How switching to WeCare Connect from former vendor helped LifeSpire reduce staff workload and receive more meaningful, real-time data


LifeSpire of Virginia combines passion and expertise to provide outstanding senior living options across the mid-Atlantic region. LifeSpire offers a range of living options including IL, AL, MC, SNF, and rehabilitation services.

This innovative organization seeks to disrupt the status quo for the benefit of a new generation of seniors in their 5 senior living communities.

Due to the impact of the pandemic, LifeSpire wanted to differentiate themselves to potential employees in the market and wanted to reduce stress and workload for their current staff.

To achieve this, they needed real-time feedback from their staff and an automated survey process to collect the feedback – both of which couldn’t be achieved with their current vendor.

A New Approach

In September of 2021, LifeSpire switched to WeCare Connect and began to collect real-time feedback from their employees.

WeCare Connect’s deployment process – from the team to the resources provided – set them up for success and is now their model for future deployments.

Automating the survey process has reduced their team’s workload and they have already collected real-time feedback from 88% of their new hires.

This feedback is providing LifeSpire with real-time insights, equipping them to make decisions and identify areas for improvement to achieve their goals.

“WeCare Connect allows us to automate stay and exit interviews making our managers lives easier and simpler. WeCare Connect also provides much deeper and profound data than our former vendor because the data is provided real-time.”

Jonathan Cook, CEO at LifeSpire

“WeCare Connect is an impressive solution that provides pertinent data that helps us make decisions and makes our jobs easier. It provides great value and is more efficient than the paper stay interviews we once used.”

Executive Directors at LifeSpire