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What Our Clients Say

Presbyterian Senior Living, PA

“WeCare Connect is the best program I have ever seen for surveying our residents and patients! The ability to automate the entry of resident and patient data is a major time saver.”
Alicia Fenstermacher, Vice President of Purposeful Living

United Church Homes, MI, OH

“WeCare Connect allows me to clearly see what is going on across all of our communities, and makes it easy to share information with our leadership team and board of directors. In addition, WeCare Connect has the most user-friendly system I’ve used and their support team is incredibly responsive.”
Scott Slutz, VP of HR

Blakeford, TN

“The WeCare Connect program has been a huge success for our organization. It is effective, easy to use, and provides immediate feedback. We receive feedback from staff – that we otherwise would never have known – and are able to follow up within a day or two to help resolve their concerns. WeCare Connect has helped our turnover quite a bit! We retained employees – that we would have lost – thanks to WeCare Connect!”
Allison Griffith, COO

Tabitha, NE

“WeCare Connect has absolutely saved Tabitha money in the long run, there’s no doubt about that. Especially new hire turnover going from almost 25% to under 12% in that first 90 days has been critical. We know the investment that goes into a new employee in those first 90 days, simply saving that many employees through improving our onboarding process has saved us a ton of money.”
Katie Lechner, COO

Oak Hammock, FL

“WeCare Connect has been great. We have gotten great feedback from employees, and they have been brutally honest which is fantastic! We have been taking information from notifications and have been speaking to managers, and have been able to rectify some situations that I think has turned out great. It is all things that we wouldn’t have known if we didn’t have this going on. A number of employees have said they have not received the proper training which has been a real eye-opener. We feel like we have been providing proper training, but this is a real positive to realize that we need to do more in that area.”
Kelly George, HR Director

PACE Central Michigan, MI

“Our PACE surveys with WeCare Connect are great! In the past, we used internal paper surveys that were time consuming and not an efficient way to measure participant satisfaction. With WeCare Connect, it was so easy! The surveys ran themselves and I was able to pull a report to share the results with my team right away – no waiting on data!”
Brenda Reeves, Quality Manager

Blakeford, TN

“I really appreciate getting the direct emails from surveys, with concerns that need to be addressed. I've had some productive, long overdue conversations with families who had issues and I’m really glad the surveys are open. It’s much more useful than any prior survey, we have used before. Insights is very user friendly.”
Jane Kelley, Executive Director of Home and Community Services

Bethesda Willmar, MN

“The feedback we have received has been invaluable. It is nice to know we are truly helping our rehab patients by monitoring their recovery progress. We appreciate knowing the areas where we can improve as an organization.”
Ashley Bormann, Administrator

Phoebe Ministries, PA

“WeCare Connect is hands down better than our previous survey vendor - their approach is so refreshing. I’m notified of concerns identified in the surveys and can see individual responses in the software. They have great dashboards and word clouds that clearly display the key issues. I love WeCare Connect!”
Michell Staska-Pier, VP of Health Care Services

Judson Services, OH

“WeCare Connect keeps us connected to our rehab patients after they go home and immediately makes us aware of any potential issues allowing us to directly intervene and improve recovery outcomes. One of the best parts of WeCare Connect is that it allows us to track and manage these individuals remotely from our offices.”
Kendra Urdzik, CEO

Santa Fe Senior Living, FL

“I cannot tell you how often I resolve notifications with both residents and associates alike and they are so appreciative of the follow up. Even if they don’t get the resolution they wanted in the end, they are still very fond of the call back and knowing their concerns are at minimum being heard. This would not be possible through anonymous surveying. We’ve been able to highlight year over year improvements on feedback/satisfaction data that can certainly be easily attributed directly to the implementation of WCC.”
Ken Willner, Senior Director of Operations, The Village at Gainesville

Homewood Retirement Centers, MD, PA

“I would highly recommend WeCare Connect. Their Insights dashboards are easy to navigate and the new time frame comparison tool is going to be helpful when sharing our goal progress with the board. I really like the instant, point-in-time feedback that we receive from our employees, residents, and rehab discharges. WeCare Connect’s customer service is excellent, as they keep attuned to our needs and are always there to help.”
Richard Miller, VP of Operations

Arbor Acres, NC

“As a user of several different brands of software, I have learned what’s truly important. Bells and whistles can be great if they’re usable, but what is most valuable to me is the responsiveness of the software company’s team. When a company recognizes that the user can provide important feedback and quickly implements changes users suggest, that is pure gold.”
Julie Sennema, Executive Assistant/Corporate Secretary

Williamsburg Landing, VA

“We love WeCare Connect. We are so glad we went with a non‐anonymous survey. This allows us to track trends and responses and know who said what, so we can improve their experience living in our community. We have used other vendors in the past and we have access to much more data with WeCare Connect that we can act on, than we did with our previous vendor.”
Greg Storer, CEO