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Connect. Gain insight.
Act with intention.

WeCare Connect is the leading survey provider for senior care organizations.
We harness deep insights through the voice of your employees, residents and patients – so you can build a thriving culture that keeps retention high and ratings way up.
Senior Care Surveys

Know what to do when it counts.

High turnover, reduced engagement, growing dissatisfaction … What if you knew what people were feeling before it was too late?

Our Surveys

Our platform has high completion rates via multiple communication methods – email, text, mobile app, staff assisted, phone call.

How it Works

screen how it works

Be notified instantly.

Because our surveys are non-anonymous, we provide real-time notifications via email of potential problems with specific individuals, so you can take immediate action.

Lead with foresight.

Use predictive alerts to address flight risk and dissatisfaction before it’s too late. Our Insights Dashboards provide a consolidated view of survey data collected from your employees, patients and residents.

See the big picture.

With our extensive, national benchmark data of over 2.5 million surveys from across the industry, we can help you understand how you are performing relative to your peers. We apply artificial intelligence and machine learning to your survey data, not to just identify problems, but proactively recommend actions for you to consider.

Setup is simple.

It takes as little as 2 hours of your time. Dashboards are easy to use, effortless to share with stakeholders, and make it simple to understand how you are doing across departments, locations and over time.
Once you understand motivations, you can act with meaning to improve outcomes – in the right way at the right time.

How We Help


Get certified and recognized as Senior Care’s Best.

Make your trusted reputation known.

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Why Us

WeCare Connect was founded by a senior care organization that needed a higher level of human-centric data.

Millions of surveys later, we are known throughout the industry for exceptional service and outcomes. We’re an industry leader serving over 1,300 senior care locations in the US and Canada.

Some of Our Clients