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To uncover individual and organization-wide employee issues and concerns before they lead to turnover.

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To ensure their satisfaction with your services, facilities, and staff setting your organization up for the best possible outcomes. We also monitor the recovery of your short-term rehab patients post-discharge.

At WeCare Connect, we believe two-way communication is the only communication.

We discovered first-hand the power of frequent, individual, non-anonymous customer and employee feedback—and how it can influence organizational exceptionalism. But, it’s not just what you know; it’s what you do with that knowledge. We have the expertise and insights to help you get it and use it to your advantage.


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Continuous Feedback

Using multiple communication methods, including email, text, phone and our mobile app, we provide you with consistent, independent, fully-documented, and unbiased customer and employee feedback. Our surveys are non-anonymous and conducted throughout the year and at key milestones of an employee’s or customer’s journey, much more effective than once-a-year, anonymous snapshot surveys.
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Direct Intervention & Immediate Impact

Because our solution is non-anonymous, you know exactly who said what and are notified real-time of any potential employee or customer issues. This allows you to directly intervene while recording and tracking the resolutions and outcomes, ensuring all issues are quickly and appropriately addressed.
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We collect a tremendous amount of data and feedback for you. So it is important that it is presented in a powerful and meaningful way. You get access to both our dynamic survey reporting tool as well as the WeCare Connect Insights dashboards that show you the overall health of your workforce or customer base.
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Up & Running in Minutes

Your time is valuable. We’ve made setup quick and training fast and easy so you’ll be ready to get started in an afternoon—not days or weeks. And, there are no locked-in or minimum cost contracts, giving you a risk-free opportunity to experience the benefits of WeCare Connect’s solution.

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