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Pinnacle Living

A Case Study

Success Story - Elimination of nursing agency at Pinnacle Living


Pinnacle Living serves seniors across several communities spread across the Commonwealth of Virginia. They provide Life Plan, CCRC, Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Support and Skilled Nursing services.

Due to workforce shortages many organizations like Pinnacle Living had to utilize agency staff to care for residents. This option is costly and many senior living operators are looking for ways to eliminate agency utilization.

Enter WeCare Connect

Pinnacle Living first partnered with WeCare Connect for Employee Surveys in early 2019. Less than 6 months in they were able to identify trends and develop action plans to address issues and concerns.

Pinnacle Living continued to collect data and feedback from their employees through the COVID- 19 pandemic. As they came out of the pandemic and were able to focus on improving retention, they utilized their WeCare Connect data to identify the underlying causes of turnover across each of their communities. Data focused on recruiting, retention, and improving supervisor performance has led to better decision-making and they credit WeCare Connect with helping them to eliminate agency utilization and have been able to remain agency free for the last 8 months and counting as of September 2023.

“We recommend WeCare Connect to all to our colleagues. We rely heavily on the data analytics that it provides, and it has helped us to be laser focused on ‘the why’ of team member turnover issues. WeCare Connect was instrumental in the complete elimination of nursing temporary agency utilization at all of our senior living communities.”

Dan Nimon, Chief Operating Officer