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Graceworks Lutheran Services

A Case Study

How Graceworks Lutheran Services used WeCare Connect to reduce attrition and increase employee engagement


Graceworks Lutheran Services in Centerville Ohio, like other long-term care facilities, struggled with both recruitment and retention of qualified staff.

An organization with 3 locations and with over 1,100 employees on staff, Graceworks, set a goal for the program to reduce staff turnover and to enhance staff engagement.

Reasons for employee turnover were unearthed through exit interviews, when it was too late to intervene and prevent attrition. Worse yet, less than 3% of exiting staff completed the survey leaving the HR team with little insight or ability to act. This approach was not working.

A New Approach

In January 2018, Graceworks Lutheran Services collaborated with WeCare Connect. They instituted employee surveys at 14 days from hire, 45 days from hire, 75 days from hire, 6 months from hire, and at termination or resignation.

In the first 90 days, Graceworks Lutheran Services saw response rate shoot up from less than 3% to 65% for staff completing the survey. Responses across surveys began to rise and employee engagement numbers went up with them.

The HR team has used the employee feedback to reinforce what was working well and take action where timely intervention could prevent employee attrition. Over the past three years, Graceworks Lutheran Services has been made aware of and resolved 1,600+ individual employee issues.

“WeCare Connect has made their solution so simple to use and easy to navigate! Managers love the immediate feedback. The support staff at WeCare Connect is quick to answer our questions!”

Kathy Wilson, Human Resource Manager